Kirsten Poulsen was born in Odense, Denmark. She has lived in The Netherlands, USA, Belgium and now lives in Germany. During the late 1980s she honed and acquired different techniques attending the Art School of the Hague. Especially artists like Bob Tomanovic and Fred Adams had a very positive creative influence on her. Another artist, Anneke Hoogewoning, imparted Kirsten´s knowledge of under- standing art with a special emphasis on the abstract perspective of the world and its objects. „Art lives from the soul of those who creates it. Art without soul is lifeless“. This creed is found in all of Kirsten's works. Every painting or sculpture is a piece of her character and touches on personal experiences. A keen sense of the moment pairs itself with artistic abstract competence. In her works you will not only find sentiments and characters but also dialogues and other social interactions. Based on emotions Kirsten's works are created pontaniously. She often works on several paintings simultaneously. In this way weeks or months may elapse from the first drafts to the final paintings. Calmness and solitude are as essential as is the creative urge. Another important aspect of her artistic creations is to remain open to colors, shapes, materials and techniques. Only when detached from style definitions does she manage to realize her own ideas. To get that special moment and emotion to reflect in her painting. In this way every work has a touch of her character and soul.
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